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Dr. Lee and midwives have a tremendous joy and enthusiasm towards the care of their patients who are pregnant. They consider it an honor to be able to take care of women through one of the most meaningful times in their life. Whether it is a complicated “high risk” pregnancy or “normal” pregnancy, they will provide the care for you and your baby that you expect and hope for. They are open to working with a pregnant woman who desires a “natural” birthing process and works alongside certified doulas to assist in this process.  They have developed a reputation in the Valley as providers that emphasizes patient/family focused birth experiences. If you are to need a C-section then Dr. Lee is the first physician to bring family-centered or natural C-sections” to the Valley. See these great photos #1, #2.


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  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery has changed the way of Operative Gynecology. Click here to read more. Check out these cases performed by Dr. Lee.
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    I love your staff! They’re so sweet! You wouldn’t be able to tell if any of them are having a bad day.
    Amanda V.
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