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Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) means using the latest surgical technology to complete the entire operation through small skin incisions. This promotes rapid recovery, less postoperative pain, less blood loss and need for transfusion. Gone are the days of your mother’s hysterectomy. With the advancement of technology there is the ability to have a hysterectomy and be out of the hospital the next morning. You can be back to work in 1-2 weeks.

Unfortunately too many women are still only offered an abdominal hysterectomy, the type of hysterectomy their mother had. This is often the only option given when patients have a large uterus secondary to fibroids. Dr. Lee performs the latest technology of laparoscopic hysterectomy, thus your large fibroid uterus will be removed through very small skin incisions and you will be able to leave the hospital the same night or early the next morning.  This is standard of care in obgyn, unfortunately it is not practiced much in McAllen.

Not only does gynecologic MIS include the hysterectomy procedure but Dr. Lee can also perform laparoscopic evaluation and treatment of endometriosis, Essure procedure for sterilization, Novasure endometrial ablation procedure for abnormal uterine bleeding or heavy periods, and Myosure procedure for removing fibroids without making a skin incision.

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Check out these pictures  and videos of minimally invasive surgery that Dr. Lee has performed.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery has changed the way of Operative Gynecology. Click here to read more. Check out these cases performed by Dr. Lee.
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    Many thanks to you Dr. Lee. This (birth) has been an amazing experience and I’m deeply grateful for your care, compassion and expertise.  Forever grateful.
    Jana H.
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